Kit Features

  • Mitsubishi OEM Turbo
  • Stainless Header
  • MCXpress EFI Controller
  • Secondary Fuel Injector
  • Aluminum High Flow Muffler
  • Intercooler and Charge Tubing
  • Boost Gauge

Requires clutching


11 lbs.


70-81 Rear Wheel HP


2008-2014 Polaris Ranger 800



Ranger 800 Turbo


Taking everything we have learned from our RZR 800 turbo kit and a few custom builds, we are now offering a kit for the venerable Ranger 800. This popular UTV finally gets the performance it deserves, and the extra power makes carrying extra passengers and gear easy.


The MCX-USA Ranger 800 Turbo Kit utilizes the 5th Generation EFI fuel controller from MCX. Fuel is delivered thru one secondary injector mounted in the intake plenum.


Engine compression is reduced by the installation of a head shim. Lowering the compression ratio helps prevent detonation.


The air to air intercooler reduces intake temperature, combined with the lowered compression ratio from the head shim, this allows 11 PSI of boost pressure to safely run on premium pump gas.

Intake and Exhaust

Our standard Oiled Foam UNI Filter and High Flow muffler are included.


Upgraded clutching is required to handle the increase in performance. Our RZR 800 Turbo Upgrade Clutch Kit can be installed if you do not already have an aftermarket clutch that can be adjusted.

Polaris Ranger 800 Turbo