Conversion Details

  • Chassis fabrication
  • Yamaha Apex Conversion
  • OEM Turbo
  • Stainless Header
  • MCXpress EFI Controller
  • Intake Manifold
  • Integrated Blow Off Valve
  • Aluminum High Flow Muffler
  • Intercooler and Charge Tubing
  • Boost Gauge
  • High capacity Radiator
  • Setrab Oil Cooler
  • Primary and Secondary Clutch Modification
  • Custom Weights


12-20+ lbs.


260-450 Crank HP


Polaris RZR 800 and XP 900

Conversion Pricing

Call for pricing

MCX-USA RZR X Motor Swap

Take your RZR 800 or 900 XP to the final stage with our MCX-USA RZR X motor swap. Fit into a lengthened and strengthened RZR 800 chassis, or a stock 900 XP chassis, the turbocharged Apex motor is capable of 260 to 450 HP while retaining the stock drivetrain and AWD. The source motor is a 4 cylinder 998cc Yamaha Apex, powerful in it's normally aspirated state, you can imagine what it's capable of with our turbo attached to it.

MCX-USA RZR X Motor Swap

The initial conversion isn't the limit though as we can add any option you can think of during the build. Custom cage, doors, suspension, and graphics are just the beginning. Over a dozen RZR X's are being driven around the world, from the dunes of Dubai, to the top of the Pike's Peak International Hillclimb. Let us build one for you.

MCX-USA RZR X Motor Swap

Contact us for full details and availability.