Kit Features

  • Mitsubishi OEM Turbo
  • MCXpress EFI Controller
  • Fuel Injectors and Intake Plenum
  • Integrated Blow Off Valve
  • Aluminum High Flow Muffler
  • Intercooler and Charge Tubing
  • Boost Gauge
  • Primary and Secondary Springs
  • Secondary Helix
  • Adjustable Weight Kit


11 lbs.


165 Crank HP


2011-2014 Polaris RZR XP 900
2012-2014 Polaris RZR XP 4 900

Part Number



$4,775.00 includes clutching

RZR XP 900 Turbo


With Polaris’ introduction of the 900 XP, a new standard was able to be reached in the turbo UTV market. With 88 horsepower at the crank in stock form, 4 valves per cylinder and dual overhead cams the addition of the turbo kit brings the XP to a 165 HP tire turning monster.


The MCX-USA RZR XP 900 Turbo Kit utilizes the 5th Generation EFI fuel controller from MCX. Fuel is delivered thru two secondary injectors mounted in the plenum, which also incorporates a blow off valve.


Engine compression is reduced by the installation of a head shim. Lowering the compression ratio helps prevent detonation.


The air to air intercooler reduces intake temperature, combined with the lowered compression ratio from the head shim, this allows 11 PSI of boost pressure to safely run on premium pump gas.

Intake and Exhaust

Our standard Oiled Foam UNI Filter and High Flow muffler are included.


The kit comes complete with adjustable clutching required to handle the extra horsepower the engine is delivering.

Polaris RZR 900 XP Turbo

Performance Information

Acceleration performance timing runs are in, clocked with our Stalker ATS II Sports Radar. As you can see in the graph, we drop the RZR XP 900s time to 60mph from 8 seconds down to 5 with our high boost turbo kit.

Polaris RZR 900 XP Turbo Stalker Speed Run

Polaris RZR 900 XP Turbo Dyno